Fund Your Small Business

Designed with businesses in mind, the Small Business Loan Program is a self-perpetuating financial tool that will serve growing businesses in the long term. Small businesses face great difficulties in growing and obtaining working capital. With the help of the Loan Program and the Harrison County Economic Development Corporation, small businesses will be encouraged and equipped with the right tools. Loan applications can be obtained through the Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC). An Advisor will assist with the application process, business planning and submit the application for consideration. Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Corporation staff will help you arrange a meeting with the SBDC Advisor. You can Download Application for viewing and information only.

Funding Criteria

Businesses must be located or locating in Harrison County

· Applicants must meet with an Indiana Small Business Development Center (ISBDC) business advisor

· Applicants must be current with all tax liability payments and have no outstanding judgments

· Businesses must have a business plan with assistance from the regional ISBDC office

White House Render
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Loan Terms

$5,000-50,000 loans available at the discretion of review committee

· 1.5% fixed interest rate

· 10 years for land and buildings, 5 years for equipment, and 2 years for working capital.

· 30 days from closing date, monthly payments begin